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  • Therapy for Depression

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    If you struggle with depression, you may often feel frustrated that nothing you have tried to isolate what is causing you to feel this way has worked. Feelings of hopelessness, low energy, and lack of motivation may make a satisfying life seem out of reach.

    Getting professional support to learn how to shrink and manage depression, despite what the world around us may say, is an act of self love that tells you your potential and feelings of satisfaction with life are worth the work. It reminds you that you do indeed have unique gifts that only you can share with the world around you.

    If you’re even just considering this step, I offer a free consultation that will help us both to see if I might be a good choice in helping you shrink and manage your depression.  Even if you choose to work with someone else, I wish you the very best in taking your life and all its possibilities back.


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