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Telehealth therapy is a service that I provide that is beneficial in that you can just be at home, and you don’t have to deal with preparing to leave the house and travel to the therapist’s office. This can be a great solution for people that:

Suffer from anxiety or depression,

Are working at home,

Are working at the office and not wanting to make stops after work,

Live in rural areas of Minnesota without access to a therapist that works with issues they are experiencing,

or would just like the comfort of being in their own environment when they are in session.

I provide telehealth therapy using a HIPAA compliant platform, I provide you with a short URL, and once you access it, you will be in my digital waiting room, where I will click on your name and we can begin our session.

If you are curious about therapy, I provide a free, 20 minute consultation session using During this time, you can see how easy it is to use telehealth for therapy sessions, and you can use this time to tell me about your concerns and the goals you would like to achieve. 




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