The Autistic/Neurotypical Couple

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If you are neurotypical, and have a partner with Autism, Level 1, you may be surprised that your relationship doesn't fit the range of norms of most other couples you know.  Autistic traits often require a different way of blending lives than neurotypical couples.  People who live with Autism, Level 1, often have heightened anxiety, difficulty with schedules, organizing multiple tasks, and social small talk.  They may become frustrated in their efforts to contribute to a healthy relationship, and don't know how to convey to their neurotypical partners that they can't provide some strengths that are hoped for.

Neurotypical partners may feel confused about the challenges their autistic partners have.  They may wonder how to better understand their partners and provide support for them.  They may wonder how to find their ideal expression as a couple of emotional intimacy.

If you are feeling you would like support in improving your neurodiverse relationship, I encourage you to schedule a free, 20 minute online consultation with me, to see if we would work well together in reaching your goals.