Our relationships often provide so many opportunities to learn about others and ourselves.  They knit us into the human fabric.  Look at your own family history.  Can you see the relationships, the mistakes, the responses to those mistakes, the striving, the compassion through the generations?  These make up your family fabric.  Think of your family history as the circumstances that each generation faced, and the responses to those circumstances as the fabric.

Family and individual challenges can arrive as soon as early childhood, in forms such as autism, non-conforming gender identity, and relationship trauma.  Childhood is such an important time for us, as this is the time we learn about ourselves, others, and the world around us.  These circumstances can be incredibly hard to navigate, especially if we feel excluded in our community.

Circumstances such as Level 1 Autism within the family will often show us a family history of ridicule and exclusion.  The price a family pays for this response can be a huge loss of the gifts and potential of the autistic member.  Autistic members then are denied the benefit of loving relationships, and much work may be required to build their own self-esteem.  And a lifetime spent trying to discover and believe in one’s own worth can take precious time away from developing one’s own gifts and talents.

Family members with an L,G,B,T or Q identity can face very similar responses, to which they might very well spend a whole life time trying to believe in their value and worth, creating casualties of their own gifts and talents.

Relationship trauma of any kind can add layers meant to protect the self.  While psychological numbing is often necessary to help us survive trauma, if the trauma is not healed, these layers of protection also “protect” us from engaging in life.  Living with a life-long dampening of one’s own spirit may feel safe, but it represses unique gifts and love of life you were meant to experience and share.

When we don’t value and embrace our family members, grief is woven into the family fabric, which can last many generations.

Are you in a position to change your family fabric?  This is where I can help.  I provide services for people living with Level 1 Autism, adapting to emerging LGBTQ identities, and those who carry the weight of trauma in their lives that prevents them from accessing the people they were meant to be. 

If you would like support in any of these areas, I welcome you to schedule a free, online 20 minute consultation with me.  During this time, we can both get a feel for whether or not I might be the right person to help you achieve your goals.