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  • Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations


    If you, or your child or partner have Autism, Level 1, life can feel full of challenges that other people in your life don’t seem to have.  Difficulty connecting in conversations, transitioning from one activity to another, difficulty finding your “people” are just a few of those challenges that many people with Autism, Level 1 can face.

    If you are a parent, you may be wondering how to help your child better follow instructions in school or help them regulate their emotions.  If you are a partner, it might feel like you have two different languages of logic at times, and that emotional intimacy can be elusive.  And if you have the diagnosis, you may have been living with it for a long time without knowing about it, living with the challenges it can bring, and not understanding why others around you don’t seem to have the same struggles in life.  It may feel like others have a foreign way of viewing life, that they don’t speak your language.

    There is a great variety in what symptoms a person with Autism, Level 1 can experience, and how they experience the same symptoms can be quite different.  But also, the symptoms can feel very much the same among individuals.  Either way, having Autism, Level 1 is not easy, and helping people who struggle with it is what I do. 

    The good news is, it’s so much better understood now, and people with this diagnosis, or their loved ones, are making wonderful contributions to further this understanding.  This is leading to new ways of thinking about the diagnosis, and what can be done to work with the challenges to make life more comfortable.  This can enable people with the diagnosis to focus on their gifts and strengths.  Imagine the possible contributions people with this diagnosis can make if they can shift their focus away from just dealing with life to developing their often very substantial gifts!

    Hello!  I’m Elizabeth Freund and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I’ve been working with individuals and families living with Autism, Level 1 for ten years, and am an Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist.

    I have moved past the parenting phase of my life, and am enjoying a long-term marriage.  I seem to many to be a soft-hearted, traditional woman.  But those that know me will tell you I am a non-conforming person, and that I very much value authentic identities, and diverse communities, not to mention live music, genealogy, and gardening.  And I do believe we are living in a time in which we can make room for each other in our families and our communities, which can only add to the depth and richness of our lives.

    If you would like support in any of these areas, I welcome you to schedule a free, online 20 minute consultation with me.  During this time, we can both get a feel for whether or not I might be the right person to help you achieve your goals.


    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Minnesota
    • M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Stout
    • B.S. in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


    • Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapists