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  • Hello – my name is Elizabeth Freund and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist.  I’ve been working with individuals and families living with Autism, Level 1 (or what use to be called Asperger’s Syndrome) for ten years, and am an Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist.

    I have moved past the parenting phase of my life, and am enjoying a long-term marriage.  I seem to many to be a soft-hearted, traditional woman.  But those that know me will tell you I am a non-conforming person, and that I very much value authentic identities, and diverse communities, not to mention live music, genealogy, and gardening.  And I do believe we are living in a time in which we can make room for each other in our families and our communities, which can only add to the depth and richness of our lives.


    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Minnesota
    • M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Stout
    • B.S. in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


    • Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapists


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