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  • Parenting a Child With an LGBT or Q Identity

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    Having a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, or gender non-conforming child presents challenges many parents did not expect when they started their families. In addition to providing the help and support their children need, parents must often address their own process in understanding and accepting their childrens’ identities. This can be a bumpy road for many. It can feel like a difference that sets your family apart from those of relatives and friends. It can feel like a loss of the son or daughter you thought your child was. It introduces you in a very personal way to a new way of experiencing life. Yet, through all the confusion and perhaps pain, by working through your process of understanding and acceptance, you can watch your child thrive as they become their authentic self.

    If you could use help in coming to terms with your child’s identity, I welcome you to come meet with me to see if I could be helpful in navigating this path with you.