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  • Adults with Level 1 Autism (aka Asperger's Syndrome)

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    Autism Level 1 is usually a mysterious thing to live with if you are over 40. There previously was no name for it, so its symptoms were blamed on a person being difficult and uncooperative. If a person with undiagnosed Autism Level 1 enters into a committed relationship, autistic traits are usually further highlighted, leaving both partners wondering why life together is so hard.

    Autism Level 1 can set a template for life in which a person feels they have to work so hard at daily life. Relationships, jobs, family, can all present consistent challenges that never seem to resolve. It can feel demoralizing.

    I have had much experience with Autism Level 1, and have great respect for clients that live with it. My approach in working with my clients focuses on identifying how to get needs met so that learning the language of neurotypicals becomes easier. In doing so, I can help my clients to make the most of their strengths.

    Understanding Autism Level 1 gives you more power and control over your life. When we do the work of establishing supports for troublesome traits, there is so much more room for self-understanding, acceptance, and esteem. This understanding can help you know how to contribute to a healthy relationship, and what is reasonable to expect from a partner in return. And whether or not you have, or want to have a partner, doing this work can help you understand life’s rules of engagement.

    If you are ready to take on this work, I welcome you to schedule a free, online consultation with me to see if I might be a good support.